Throwback Fishing Photos

Fishing : Throwback Polaroids from Wyoming from SKS on Vimeo.

The Academy

This is one of Utah's most challenging fisheries, but the reward is some of the healthiest brown trout you've ever held.  This was a nice day with Neil Provo, Tommi Ylianttila, and Parker Worthen.

Wind Farms By Fullmoon

1/60 f/2.8 ISO 8000 out of a moving truck

Floating the Green River

good stuff

SF Fog

SF viewed from airplane during heavy fog


Pure Cutthroat Trout

Parker Worthen and I got into some real nice Cutties in a secret little creek that probably sees less than 30 anglers a year.

Little Wildhorse Canyon

Easily one of the coolest and easiest hikes in Utah.  Simon Harwood and Justin Barrell getting lost.

Full Moon Flyfishing

Fishing at night is a whole new ballgame.  Your visual sense is reduced to maybe 5-10% of what you see during the day, heightening all your other senses.  The feel of the fly in the air, the line in your hand, the sound of the flowing river.  Did you just hear a fish take something on the surface?  What was that noise in the bushes behind me?  Two curious horses followed us up and down the river, keeping us company and occasionally making us nervous.  Parker Worthen hooked a nice fish in this hole on his first or second cast, and I shot a few photos before a angry beaver started slapping his tail, telling us, quite rudely, that this was his hole, and we were to move on.

Catarac Canyon

Heading out for a 10 day float down the Colorado River in about a week and getting real stoked.  Everything is so different on the river.  On the river its wild how quickly your body and mind gets in sync with the rhythms of nature.  Here are a few photos from last seasons float from my g12

Grenade Games 8 - March 2012

Last spring I attended the Grenade Games for the first time.  Amazing.  One of the most fun weekends on snow all winter, and highly recommended.  Check the Day 1 and Day 2 coverage on Snowboard Mag's website.

This is Fly - Parker Worthen Interview

I've been fishing with Parker Worthen for 3 or 4 seasons now and its rare to hear him turn down any fishing opportunities, a real plus for any fishing bud.  Parker loves fishing and being on the water and it shows.  This Is Fly and Parker laid down a 10 page interview in their new June/July 2012 using my photos.